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Because I had purchased a Hasselblad HD4/50 I decided that I really needed to get up to speed on the camera so that led to the idea to join in a Hasselblad workshop. I tend to carefully research whatever I am doing, so I spent time online and eventually shortlisted the Lorber Workshop in Sedona - after all that should be worth a visit. I should explain that I am from Trinidad and Tobago so a trip like this is not cheap.

The workshops tend to revolve around photographic expeditions followed by classroom style sessions and meals together. The atmosphere is casual and most of the time Peter sports his khaki shorts and hats while Courtenay quietly runs everything and in the background Addie sorting out meals and Peter himself. They really are a well-matched team and with further support from Eric Peterson of Hasselblad you leave the workshop not only with a handle on that Hasselblad but also with some great memories and new friends.

The Lorber workshops are small in terms of numbers of participants so they are very personal and you get plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Some of the attendees might be new to Hasselblad so they need more attention, while others want to take control of Gigapan panoramas. The team manage to meet each of us where we are and take us through our individual obstacles to overcome and master them.

The days usually start pretty early to catch the dawn light. We all go off together to pre-selected sites - in the case of Sedona there was no shortage. After a couple of hours of a group session using the Gigapan to create a panorama [that can require up to 100 images each of 50/60 MP - you can imagine the size of a single panorama image], we then scoot back to the hotel for breakfast and a shower and then to the classroom to work with the images taken earlier. In the evening we take off again to catch the golden hour and depending n the location may have dinner before returning to the hotel.

In the case of the Sedona workshop my wife came along for the trip and she spent time with Addie and Courtenay's daughter, Cameron galavanting around Sedona on tours and shopping. To end it all Cathy and I took off in a ballon - a great experience and ended the workshop on a high note.

So it's not just about learning to use the Hasselblad, or the Gigapan, or Phocus software or having rare moments to photograph exquisitely beautiful scenery, but it's about making new friends and enjoying a few moments away from the pressures of everyday life.

Within a year I ended up going to a second workshop in Bar Harbor and it was quite different, not just the temperature or rainfall. I would unhesitatingly recommend these workshop to anyone who would like to get to take stunning images of scenery with the best camera money can buy and get throughly spoiled by Addie, Courtenay and Peter. I am still smiling with those memories. -Brian, Sedona 2011, BarHarbor 2011, Boca Raton 2011


My wife and I traveled to Bar Harbor, Maine last autumn to participate in a workshop sponsored by Peter Lorber and Hasselblad. Margi is not a photo enthusiast. She came along to see the country and enjoy the wonderful fall colors. Peter provided Hasselblad cameras and lenses and guided us to pre-planned locations for photo sessions. Peter and Courtenay devoted themselves to helping the participants and provided a genuine learning experience. Peter has very good knowledge of Hasselblad equipment and the use of the Phocus software for transfer and work with the Hasselblad raw images to the computer and to further edit them in Adobe Photoshop. In sum, it was a very enjoyable experience with beautiful scenery, wonderful country side and culminated in considerable Hasselblad knowledge and magnificent pictures. We also enjoyed fine dining and camaraderie with the other photographers in our group in local restaurants. Thank you, Peter and Courtenay. -Ron and Margi Winter, Bar Harbor 2011


Peter, Addie and Courtenay were so accommodating in making the Workshop relaxed, very educational and fun!I was impressed as to their choices of shooting locations. We all captured some excellent photographs with the best cameras in the world and had a wonderful time doing it!We had a great group of fellow photographers and I will attend more workshops in the future!Thank you Peter, Addie, Courtenay and Hasselblad!!!! -Larry Becker, Bar Harbor 2011


Wow the workshop was amazing! Loved the crew, the scenery and everything in between. -Andrew, Moab 2012


Having just returned from Moab I am delighted to say that the workshop, the location, the edifying fellowship, and above all, Peter's proficient instructions, patience and attention to detail—not to mention the illuminating conversations—have all left an indelible impression. I am looking very much forward to attending similar workshops in the hopefully not too distant future. Please keep me informed. I can't tell you how much I have profited from the experience. -Arnold, Moab 2012


Thanks so much for your time, talent, and efforts this past week is Death Valley. I sure enjoyed learning how to use the H4D and am looking forward to working up my images...For me, the highlights of the week were:

• Getting comfortable with the H4D and so many lenses.

• Learning workflow and some artistic ideas from Courtenay

• Picking up 100 tips (many reinforcing notions I already had, but some new ones too)

• Visiting so many sites, having essentially unlimited time at each site to shoot – a luxury I almost never have.

• The magic of being out in the desert at sunrise

• The camaraderie and sharing of stories. Hanging out with artists is always fun.

• Coming away with so many photos...

It was first rate the whole way, with both flexibility and sticking to the plan, and doing so much every day. There really wasn’t a free moment... I can’t say enough what a good time I had, I’m looking forward to processing my 1995 Hasselblad photos (and another 800 Nikon and Canon ones too) and sharing them with you. It was so nice to meet and get to know you guys, and learn from you in so many ways. -Gord, Death Valley 2012


The purpose of this email is to let all of you know that Peter Lorber's Bar Harbor Hasselblad workshop was outstanding last month. Peter and Courtenay are a fabulous combo with excellent camera instruction as well as providing great photographic opportunities. The pace was also enjoyable with great meals interspersed between the photographic sessions. Peter updated my H4D firmware as I had only performed one of the two needed updates. He checked the programming on my camera and modified a few settings and the camera performed flawlessly... I also had a missing focusing screen and he loaned me his until another one (with a grid) came by UPS from Hasselblad. Peter also did a great job with Phocus (2.6.2) instruction and did a masterful job of helping all of us with any camera issue as he clearly is an expert on the Hasselblad system. This was my third workshop and Phocus class but this one was the charm as I am very comfortable with both the camera and software now... Courtenay also provided valuable assistance and instruction and helped with some processing tricks and recommendations. Later she worked on some of the images and sent them out as TIFF files and they were terrific... I plan on doing more workshops with Peter (and Addie) and Courtenay. I feel that I have made new and interesting friends I very much enjoyed our small group and the town of Bar Harbor and hope to stay in contact with all. I asked Peter and Courtenay to consider a printing workshop in the future perhaps in Boca and we could also include some Photoshop instruction. -Robert, Bar Harbor 2011


Hi Addie, ...let me say how much I enjoyed meeting you and spending time sightseeing with you. I thank you so much for taking me all around and being so thoughtful of my “sore knee”. We had such a nice time, it was a real pleasure. You and Peter are lots of fun... Looking forward to our next adventure together! - Charlene (wife of workshop attendee), Colorado Springs 2011


Thank you so much for an outstanding experience in Sedona. You, Courtenay, and Addie along with Eric make a truly amazing team. You took what could have been just an interesting workshop and re-ignited a spark in me that I have been missing for a long time. I want to thank you for providing a life long memory and the gift that you gave me by sharing your genius and passion... As discussed during the workshop I was very impressed with the Gigapan pro device. At first glance I thought this device was going to have a steep learning curve, however given your expert instruction and ease of use, I got up to speed quickly. And in fact I preferred to use the gigapan over other panoramic devices and techniques. We really put it through its paces by taking multiple back to back 90 shot panoramas in the heat of Sedona, AZ and was pleased with the flawless performance of the Gigapan I was also very impressed with hdr\bracketing capability and look forward to processing those shots. You have made a believer out of me. - Kenneth, Sedona 2011


I certainly enjoyed meeting all the group which added to the enjoyment of the workshop .... and glad that no one fell off a mountain! - Brian, Sedona 2011


I just want to thank both of you for the wonderful workshop which exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn how to do panorama images but I had a Hasselblad camera in my hands to work with during the four days. It is awesome equipment indeed...Peter, I have never known a workshop leader to be as helpful as you were. You answered my questions and continually checked to see that I was doing everything correctly. Addie, you made everything run smoothly and were great company. I shall treasure all the field trips we did, the wonderful meals we had together, and the good fellowship we shared. I feel as though we have become members of one big family. -Henry, Moab 2011


I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful and informative time I had in Moab with you, and the group. Absolutely fantastic workshop - I will always remember it ... and the group was quite diverse and interesting ... a new group of friends!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you again in Boca sometime, and also in August for the last Space Shuttle Launch, of course ...Take care - I'm lucky to have met you! - David, Moab 2011


I had a really fun time using the Hasselblad and getting to meet some interesting people. Peter is amazingly talented at Hasselblad and panoramas. I look forward to more photo trips. – Nathan, Moab 2011


Wow – thank you Peter the images are spectacular!! - Rick, Moab 2011


I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic trip to Moab! You organized a super schedule for photographers and non-photographers alike. While my husband was out and about shooting or at a lecture I was off hiking with Addie and loving every second of it. I also enjoyed the lodge, dinners and the rest of the crowd was really fun to hang with too! Keep us posted on upcoming trips. Looking forward to the next one! Best regards, Jeanette (non- photographer, hiker), Moab 2011


He's (Peter) my inspiration for everything "over the top" ... – David, Moab 2011


Thanks for an incredible workshop. They only problem --- it was too short! I learned everything that I was hoping too plus a lot more. You have a great group and everyone did an outstanding job. Thank you again. – Rick, Moab 2011


On behalf of Hasselblad, I would like to thank each of you for allowing my participation in the Moab Workshops. It was especially pleasing to meet a great group of people, who also happen to be photographers. A course, I would be remiss, not to give special thanks to Peter, Courtenay, Fred and Jean, for without you guys I may not have been part of this wonderful experience. Great capturing, Thanks, - Eric Peterson, Field Application Specialist, Hasselblad USA


Hello Addie, First of all I want to thank Peter and yourself for the wonderful time in Moab. I cannot tell you in enough words what a pleasure it was to meet you and your wonderful husband Peter. You made us feel so welcome and I felt like I've known Peter and you for ages. Thanks very much Addie. My thanks to Peter for his infinite knowledge and sharing it with us. THANKS for everything, Becky & I really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to doing it again. Take care my dear friends, Regards - Rob, Moab 2011


I did enjoy the workshop and appreciate all the hard work by everyone involved. - Bob, Moab 2011

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