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Bryce / Zion Workshop Recap

It's been about a month since Peter, Addie and myself returned from our Bryce / Zion workshop and we are just about finished editing all the panoramas we shot. Bryce Canyon was a dream location for panoramic photography, at every angle there was a new shot to be taken. Zion was equally beautiful, but we had a few more tourists to shoot around.

While at Paria View in Bryce, I almost sacrificed myself for a great shot (not really, but it makes for a better story). I trekked out on a narrow slope, steep drops on both sides, gusts of wind threatening to push me off, and for those who know me those gusts must have been pretty strong; until I finally had to sit down to get the perfect shot. It was definitely an experience I will not soon forget. Luckily Peter was busy sharing his panoramic expertise to our workshop attendees or else I would have gotten quite the earful.

Addie's behind the scenes work definitely paid this trip. The hotels were great, especially in Zion; it felt as if we were in an apartment rather than your typical hotel room. To add to our experience, Addie's choice of evening restaurants was top notch.