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Roundshot VR Drive
Roundshot VR Drive
Roundshot VR Drive

Roundshot VR Drive

The Roundshot VR Drive is the world's

most advanced automated stitching head.

  • Fully or semi motorized with very accurate and strong motors

  • Compatible with any digital camera with release cable

  • Advanced USB camera control features for selected Nikon and Canon cameras

  • Ergonomic touch screen technology for easy access to programs

  • Wifi-remote control, transmitting VR Drive screen to any computer device

  • Efficient workflow from image capture, image grouping to stitching

  • Export of program structure in xml format for enhanced stitching accuracy

  • Ideal for virtual tours, spherical photography, gigapixel photography, 32-bit HDR (CGl), video (time-lapse)


The VR Drive advantage

Most versatile VR robot in the market - cylindrical + spherical panoramas, object movies, 32-bit HDR photography, time-lapse + video projects in 360°, with linear rail or on dolly, free release of images in x/y space


Custom Photo Images, Roundshot distributor for the Americas, based in Boca Raton, Florida.

For more details and information, view and download this Roundshot VR Drive Flyer 

If you have any questions or requests give us a call at 561-361-0031 or use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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