Roundshot Livecam D2

panoramic webcam
The world's most advanced webcam:

The Livecam D2 creates a high resolution panorama of up to 360º (66 million pixels) within a few seconds. With a 2x full HD image this camera delivers a picture quality far beyond any webcam image ever seen before.


  • Crystal-clear high definition 360° panorama - up to 66 million pixels!

  • High quality build - weatherproof case for all weather conditions, from tropical climates to the north pole

  • Multi-media image platform: web interface in html4/html5, iphone/ipad + android app, screensaver, large screens, tv broadcast 

  • Unlimited design options such as logos, intregration of sponsors, hot-spots... making the Livecam HD a powerful marketing tool



Tough hardware combined with powerful software for image creation and processing make the Roundshot Livecam perform like Swiss clockwork.


Everything starts with the image. As innovators and leaders in 360° scanning equipment we created a new generation of webcam, optimised for non-stop image taking in difficult environments. We designed the Roundshot Livecam HD for maximum resiliance in harsh weather conditions, superb image quality, fast scanning and high resolution. Interchangeable lenses make this camera very versatile. Optional 3G network access allows installations in remote locations. Last but not least, a powerful capture software makes the Livecam equipment complete.

Content Software

Pixels without limits! The Roundshot Livecam captures a high definition panorama of breathtaking definition which is streamed across a variety of different media. 360° in any resolution, any format, anytime, anywhere!


Does your online stragegy need a new push? Would you like to show your environment in all its beauty? Or perhaps document a project in time-lapse?

With our Livecam content software we broadcast the Livecam images across a variety of channels: on the web, onmobile devices (smartphones and tablets), as a live or best-shot screen saver, on large screens, on television or on any additional media suitable for high resolution image content.

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