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The world’s most advanced panoramic gear!

The Seitz Roundshot company is committed to delivering the ultimate in Swiss quality. From the machining of the panoramic equipment to the meticulous hand assembly, vigorous testing and decades of experience ensure that Roundshot products shatter records in performance and quality.


Roundshot achieves their overall bar raising standard with a selection of innovative designs, premium materials and a very close attention to detail. Their engineers work with a decisive tolerance of 1/200th of a millimeter.


This close attention to detail is what gives Roundshot equipment it’s long lifespan, accuracy and ability to withstand the most extreme climatic challenges.


USA Roundshot distributor based in Boca Raton, Florida.


Not only is Peter Lorber a Roundshot distributor, but has been shooting with Roundshot panoramic cameras and panoramic VR drives since the early 1980s. He started with Roundshot panoramic film cameras and now Peter shoots with the Roundshot VR drive and his Hasselblad H5D to create stunning Panoramic images.



Peter offers 24/7 technical support for his Roundshot customers.


For further information contact us at or call 561-361-0031

Roundshot Products

Roundshot VR Drive

The Roundshot VR Drive is the world's most advanced automated stitching head. Fully or semi motorized with...

Roundshot Metric

Fully automated panorama system for high resolution 180ºx360º images. Perfect for forensic photography...

Fovex Metric VR Tour Camera

Roundshot Livecam D2

The worlds most advanced webcam. The Livecam D2 creates a high resolution panorama of...

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