PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS with Peter Lorber & Courtenay Gilbert


March 26-31, 2017

Workshop Cost

$3,090.00 (USD) - Per Workshop Attendee


$225.00 (USD) - Non-Photographer Travel companion staying in the same room planning to accompany photographer on swamp, plantation and Mardi Gras World tours



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or contact Addie Lorber, 561-361-0031


  • Most shooting locations within the city are within walking distance

  • Plantation and Swamp tours transportation will be provided

  • We will Uber to all other locations not within walking distance

  • Transportation to and from airport is not included 

  • For those who choose to rent a car, Hotel parking is $38 per night



4 Minimum, 8 Maximum


Activity Level



  • Five full days of guided photo shoots and expert instruction

  • Swamp tour

  • Plantation Tour

  • Mardi Gras float studio tour

  • Post shooting image editing and instruction

  • Demonstration and use with instructor of the Seitz Roundshot VR Motorized Drive

  • Opportunity to shoot with the Hasselblad H6D-100C and Hasselblad X1D medium-format digital cameras and lenses

  • Instruction and use of NovoFlex VR - System II Manual Drive

  • Adobe Lightroom Instruction

  • Adobe Photoshop Instruction

  • Hasselblad Phocus Instruction

  • A print of your best workshop image up to 24 inches by 96 inches!


Not Included
  • Lodging, Meals, transportation (other than to, from and during tours)




Before booking hotel please contact

Addie Lorber at 561-361-0031 or

for group booking information


What to bring
  • Camera gear 

  • Laptop with good processing capability 

  • Memory Cards, at least 6, no smaller than 16GB - plan on shooting at least 16GB per day

  • External hard drive for backup copies (optional, but highly recommended)

  • Card reader

  • Tripod, good quality

  • Cable release

  • Camera manual

  • Neutral density and Polarizing filters

  • A wearable backpack photo case for daily shooting

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Four weeks prior to the start of the workshop we will send out a more detailed "What to Bring" list 

If you have any questions or requests please use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

New Orleans, Louisiana

March 26-31, 2017

Right where the South meets the sea lies a city rich with culture, food and jazz. Filled with diverse entertainment and surrounded by a swamp lands begging for exploration, New Orleans harbors an adventure down every street. 

With the guide of professional photographers showing you how to get the most from your gear, you will be able to capture the magic of New Orleans just as it inspired you upon first sight. Immersed in the liveliness of the city, you will be guided through some of the most recognizable landmarks of the South, from the authentic French Quarter to the regal Garden District. Although the names and sights may be recognizable, around each corner lies a picturesque opportunity waiting to be graced by the photographer’s hand.

Beyond the buildings and beignets lies the Honey Island Swamp, covered by the mystical shadows of the towering cypress trees and teeming with lurking wildlife. Its signature green water is the door to a natural land of enchantment.


Journey down historic Old Mississippi River Road visiting some of Louisiana’s most famous plantations. Wander down a spectacular quarter mile lane lined with 28 spectacular live oak trees creating a tunnel of southern beauty. 


A Perfect Pairing, the New Hasselblad X1D Camera and the Vibrant Eclectic Scenes of New Orleans. Street Photography at its Best! 

These sights are paired with the expertise of on-hand photographers Peter Lorber and Courtenay Gilbert as they teach how to best capture the magic of New Orleans. With the Hasselblad stamp on the workshop, it is sure that the new X1D camera being used is the best for the bustling city. With its superb quality, convenient small size and light weight, the camera is perfect for all locations for everywhere the workshop takes you. 


After a full day of pictures and exploring, there will be no need to leave the city once it is over. The Saint Hotel is located in the heart of the city, ensuring that you are surrounded by the New Orleans flare without respite. With the hotel so close to the main attraction, it ensures that one is never too far from the magic of the city.


There is no telling what you may discover during our New Orleans workshop, but with unparalleled guidance, a group of likeminded people, and a location without limits, the doors are wide open for a world of possibilities. 


We have carefully planned this workshop to get you to the most picturesque locations at the perfect times to capture these iconic landscapes during the best light. 


And as in all of our workshops we enjoy great restaurants, stay in upscale accommodations, and share lots of laughter while surrounded by breathtaking scenery. This makes our workshops perfect not only for you the photographer, but also for your non-photographer travel partner looking for an amazing vacation!


Who and What

Our photography workshops are for discriminating photography enthusiasts of all skill levels.


We provide the perfect environment for you to combine your love of travel and passion for photography while surrounded by like minded people in a fun, relaxed and creative atmosphere.


This workshop is led by Peter Lorber, a master panoramic photographer, and Courtenay Gilbert, a professional photographer, post production specialist. They will work with you to expand and improve your photography skills.

You will have the opportunity to shoot with the Hasselblad H6D-100C, one hundred megapixels of unmatched image quality with the finest details and a 15 stop dynamic range, the Hasselblad  X1D, the world's first compact mirrorless medium format digital camera, a variety of Hasselblad lenses and accessories. Both Peter and Courtenay are Hasselblad trained professionals and have been training top photographers for over ten years.  


They will also show you how to create technically perfect and artistically stunning panoramic images using various panoramic VR drives from manual heads to the top of the line Seitz Roundshot motorized VR drive.


You will learn how to stitch your panoramas using professional stitching programs such as PTgui and, finally, how to optimize your images in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.


Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon and other brand shooters will benefit from Peter and Courtenay’s over one hundred years of combined photography experience. They will share tips, techniques and camera set-ups learned over time.


Our small group sizes allow us to customize our workshops to your individual needs. We make sure you get the personal attention you need to get the most out of your time with us.


In addition to guided photo shoots, we will also spend time working on the amazing images you will capture during the workshop. We will go over organizing your images, learning proper stitching techniques and answer any Photoshop and Lightroom questions you may have.


This workshop is designed for the advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced photography enthusiast interested in taking great photos in beautiful locations and having an amazing photography workshop vacation!



This is not a workshop where you spend most of your daylight shooting hours sitting in a classroom. We get you up and out to make the most of each and every day to capture as many great photo opportunities as possible.


A detailed day-by-day itinerary will be handed out during the “Welcome Meeting” at the start of the workshop.


  • Sunday, March 26 - Early evening, Welcome meeting and dinner

  • Monday-Friday, March 26-31 - Guided photo shoots on location and instruction

  • Saturday, April 1 - Breakfast and check-out


A typical day consists of:

  • Sunrise and/or early morning location shoot to capture the beautiful low angle light

  • Late breakfast/early lunch

  • Midday break, instructional

  • Afternoon and sunset location shoot

  • Fine dining dinner to unwind, tell our stories of the day, enjoy great food, and most of all share lots of laughter with your new found friends!


Click here to register or contact Addie Lorber for more information:, Phone - 561-361-0031, Toll Free - 877-692-0911


Travel Info

    • New Orleans, Louisiana



    • 75º - 55º


    • Most shooting locations within the city are within walking distance

    • Plantation and Swamp tours transportation will be provided

    • We will Uber to all other locations not within walking distance

    • Transportation to and from airport is not included 

    • For those who choose to rent a car, Hotel parking is $38 per night


    • Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport - MSY

    • Airport Phone: +1 504 3037500

    • Hotel direction: 13.2 miles SE

    • The hotel does not provide shuttle service.

    • Taxicabs: Taxicab booths are located on the first level of the Terminal outside of Baggage Claim Belts 1 and 14. Passengers must wait in line at one of these booths for taxi service.

    • Taxi rides cost $36.00 from the airport to the Central Business District (CBD) or French Quarter (west of Elysian Fields) for up to two (2) passengers. For three (3) or more passengers, the fare will be $15.00 per passenger. Taxis are required accept credit card payments.

    • Airport Shuttle: Shuttle service is available from the airport to hotels and various other locations in the New Orleans for $24.00 (per person, one-way) or $44.00 (per person, round-trip). These fares include three (3) bags per person. Additional baggage may be subject to additional fees. Passengers can purchase tickets at the Airport at Airport Shuttle ticket booths located on the first level throughout the Baggage Claim area.

    • Airport Limousines: A-Airport Limousine is the official luxury transportation service provider for Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. Passengers can request service at one of the A-Airport Limousine's convenient kiosks located in the Baggage Claim area. Rates range from $58 for two (2) passengers to $118 for eight (8) passengers. Rates depend on the number of passengers and the type of vehicle. Please visit or call 1-866-739-5466 to make reservations.

Registration and/or More Information

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