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Hasselblad training
  • One-On-One full day private Hasselblad training sessions

  • Sessions cover

    • Hasselblad camera features and functions

    • Hasselblad Phocus software

    • Editing Hasselblad images in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop

    • Optimal Hasselblad camera setup for your specific shooting needs

  • Unlimited 24/7 technical support for as long as you own your Hasselblad camera

“After purchasing my Hasselblad camera I became increasingly frustrated with my dealer’s lack of instructional support. I contacted Hasselblad which put me in touch with Peter Lorber. We spoke on the phone and I made an appointment for two days of Hasselblad training. Peter is incredibly knowledgeable in all things Hasselblad and has the patience of a saint. He went through my new camera A-Z and explained all the custom functions. We did a quick location shoot then back to the studio for step-by-step Phocus training. By the time I was done, I was comfortable shooting on my own and made a great new friend in Peter. I can't recommend Peter’s services enough!” - Richard S, Colorado

“I am a longtime professional Photographer and recently upgraded to a Hasselblad H5D 50. I contacted Courtenay for her one-on-one Hasselblad instructional to become better acquainted with all the advanced features my new Hassy has to offer. Courtenay taught me how to get the most out of my camera. I couldn’t believe the difference his little pearls of wisdom made on my end result images.” - James D, Ohio

“I bought my camera from Custom Photo Images and flew in for a two days of instruction. Great Experience! Peter, Addie and Courtenay made me feel like I knew them forever. I have since gone on two of Peter’s Hasselblad travel workshops... So much fun, lots of great photography, learning and laughter!” - Lisa P, New York

“Peter, Courtenay and Addie's customer support is out of this world... I bought my H4D 60 from them then spent two days with Peter and Courtenay going over the ins and outs of my new gear. I informed Peter I was taking my new camera to Africa the following week. He gave me his cell number saying “call any time”, I did, 2 AM his time! I was surprised he actually answered his phone and talked me through my camera issue. Peter for President!”

- Juan H, Florida

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Hasselblad phptpgraphy workshop

Combine your love of travel and passion for photography while surrounded by like-minded people in a fun, relaxed and creative atmosphere. Discover your next adventure

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