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Workshop FAQs

What is a Custom Photo Images Photography Workshop?

Custom Photo Images' Photography Workshops are professionally run photography workshops combining expert instructors, amazing locations, and small group sizes, while providing the perfect photography vacation.


Why should I choose a Custom Photo Images photography workshop?

Our workshops are for the discriminating photographer who is looking for a professionally run workshop with expert instruction and small group sizes creating an ideal environment to receive personalized instruction.


Our workshops are also perfect for photographers who would like to expand their photographic knowledge to include panoramic photography taught by a true panoramic master with over fifty years experience in the field of photography. Custom Photo Images' workshops are the perfect combination of photography, learning and camaraderie.


How do I sign up for a workshop?

Locate the workshop of choice and click on the pdf. You can either fax or e-mail the completed form.  Or Contact Addie Lorber at 561-361-0031, or e-mail


Please see our terms and conditions for payment schedule and cancellation policy. Trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended.


What Camera equipment do you reccomend to use during the workshop?

Any DSLR (Fujifilm, Nikon, Canon etc.) or medium format digital camera (Fujifilm, Hasselblad, Phase One etc.).


Can I rent a camera to use during the workshop?

We do not have cameras for rent.


What is the workshop fee?

The fee varies depending on the location. Please see the web page for the workshop you are interested in for the fee.


What is included?
  • Use of manual and motorized VR drives

  • Expert instructors

  • Instruction topics include;

    • The camera and its many customizable functions

    • How to set your camera up for your individual shooting needs

    • Workflow

    • Phocus software (if aplicable)

    • Enhancing images in Photoshop

    • How to use manual and motorized VR drives

    • How to stitch panoramic images and which is the best software

    • How and when to capture the best images

  • You’ll receive a 24x96 inch print of an image taken during the workshop

  • Unlimited technical support after the workshop when working on workshop images


What will be taught during a workshop?

Instruction topics include, but are not limited to;

• The camera and its many customized functions

• How to set your camera up for your individual shooting needs

• Workflow

• Phocus software (if applicable)

• Enhancing images in Photoshop

• How to use manual and motorized VR drives

• How to stitch panoramic images and which is the best software

• How and when to capture the best images


What is the normal schedule during a workshop?

A detailed day-by-day itinerary is handed out during the “Welcome Meeting” at the start of the workshop.

A typical day consists of:

-Sunrise shoot

-Early morning shooting to capture the beautiful low angle light


-More shooting

-Classroom time


-More shooting

-Sunset shoot

-Fine dining dinner to unwind, tell our stories of the day, enjoy great food, and most of all share much laughter with your new found friends!


If you would like more information on the places we will be shooting contact Addie Lorber.


What type and size computer do I need?

A powerful laptop no more than 3 years old preferable with the latest operating system. Our experience has taught us Mac computers seem to be better suited for photography purposes.


If you plan on shooting with a Hasselblad please visit Hasselblad’s website and download the latest version of Phocus software. The accompanying “Read Me” file list the computer system requirements in detail.


What equipment do I need to bring with me?
  • Camera gear 

  • Laptop with good processing capability 

  • Memory Cards, at least 6, no smaller than 16GB - plan on shooting at least 16GB per day

  • External hard drive for backup copies (optional, but highly recommended)

  • Card reader

  • Tripod, good quality

  • Cable release

  • Camera manual

  • Neutral density and Polarizing filters

  • A wearable backpack photo case for daily shooting

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Four weeks prior to the start of the workshop we will send out a more detailed "What to Bring" list 


Do you limit the size of the workshop?

Yes, we keep our groups small. Our clientele prefer smaller group sizes, so they can receive personalized instruction and attention and not feel like part of a herd.


Who will teach the workshop?

Peter Lorber is a working photographer with over fifty years experience. Peter’s photographic knowledge spans from glass plate negatives to the cutting edge photographic technology of today. He specializes in panoramic photography and has become an expert in the field, lecturing throughout the world. He has had numerous one man exhibitions, photographs featured in many publications, and his “super-sized” panoramic murals are on permanent display in at least eight sports arenas in Canada and the United States. Peter’s philosophy has always been use the best equipment to capture the best images which naturally lead him to Hasselblad. Peter created these workshops to share his knowledge and passion for both Hasselblad equipment and panoramic photography.


Courtenay Gilbert is a Photoshop specialist and Fine Art photographer, with a focus in landscape and portrait photography. She was formally trained in photography in New York City where she attended and graduated from the School of Visual Arts. Courtenay studied under the direction of master black and white printer, Bob Brooks, and fashion photographer Frances McLaughlin-Gill. She worked in NYC and Florida as a fashion photographer, make-up artist and stylist. As the world of photography has evolved so has Courtenay’s areas of expertise. She started as a custom darkroom printer and has become a Photoshop-Specialist and highly regarded custom digital printer in South Florida. Courtenay’s fashion and editorial photography has been published in many publications in the United States as well as Japan. Her Fine Art landscape photography has been exhibited and sold throughout the country.


Along with Peter and Courtenay we have occasional guest instructors local to the area and a Hasselblad or Fujifilm representative.


What materials will I receive when I sign up and when?

Four weeks before the workshop, you will receive a packet with important information you will need. Each packet contains a list of what you need to bring, software to download before attending, hotel information and a waiver form we ask you to sign and bring with you.


What will my fellow participants be like?

Many of our attendees are professionals working in high pressure careers and appreciate making new friends and enjoy a few days away from the stresses of everyday life. Most of all they all share a common passion for photography.

Can I bring a non-photographer (spouse, friend or significant other) on the trip?

Many photographers inquire about bringing a non-photographer (spouse, friend or significant other). Our workshops are jam packed with photography and classroom time. Our attendees are on the go from before sunrise to after sunset. We do make time for a fine dining experience every evening and encourage any non-shooters to join us then. Our dinners are always filled with great food, laughter and stories of the day's adventures. However, if a non-shooter wants to join you it is fine as long as they are not distracting to your fellow attendees.


Any non-photographer who would like to accompany the shooters to the shooting locations and intends on shooting with their own camera will be considered a workshop attendee and will be charged as such. Therefore, we have a strict no camera policy for any non-paying spouse, friend or significant other.


Can I contact you or the instructors before the workshop?

Yes, we encourage attendees to contact us. This gives us the opportunity to get to know you, your expectations and needs for the workshop.


Is there a minimum age requirement to take part in the workshop?

Yes, 21 years old, however we can make exceptions, please contact us for more information.


What happens if the workshop is canceled or I want to cancel?

If we have to cancel you will receive a full refund. Please check our cancellation policies located in the registration form.


Will I need a car during the workshop?

It depends on the workshop. Please read the workshop description on the webpage for the workshop you are interested in.

What are the health considerations for the workshops?

Our workshops are within the capabilities of people in good health. Many of the days involve hiking and walking along uneven paths, and altitude needs to be considered. If you have any questions, please contact us before registering.


Do I need to buy travel insurance, even if I already have normal health insurance?

We highly recommend buying travel insurance. It is always a good idea in case you have to cancel the trip and it is past the refund time in our cancellation policy.


If you have any further questions please contact:
Addie Lorber –, 561-361-0031
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